Coping With Care: How To Help Parents Accept In-Home Health Care Services

With more than 47.8 million adults over the age of 65 in the United States, many family members face the challenge of caring for their needs. With the population of the elderly increasingly dramatically, along with what they need to keep them healthy and productive, families often have to deal with deciding when it is appropriate to pursue help.

Often, older individuals are opposed to the idea of a care home or nursing home. This may even be if they actually need it. Home health care services provide an in-home alternative for them. However, just because they are allowed to stay in their home doesn't make it necessarily a more attractive alternative.

Some aging individuals, even in the population of the 5 million adults suffering from dementia, are not keen to have any sort of help. Accepting help can feel like accepting they are ill or struggling, so many would prefer to put it off.

In this article, we'll talk about some of the ways you can help your parents warm up to, and eventually accept home healthcare.

In-Home Health Care: Your Guide To Hiring A Caregiver In St. Louis

The global home healthcare industry was worth approximately $306 billion in 2018. Hiring a caregiver is necessitated by factors like old age and chronic diseases. The global elderly population is expected to grow by 3% each year. Hiring a caregiver is a decision preceded by several considerations. First, it’s essential to understand the different types of home caregivers available. Recognizing the type of caregiver you require will help you with planning and having your needs met.

Types of In-Home Health Caregivers

When hiring a caregiver, remember they may not all perform the same tasks. Here's how to differentiate their services.

Five Senior Wellness Tips That Boost Metabolism, Energy & Health

It happens to the best of us – as we start heading over the hill, our metabolism, energy and overall health all take a downward slide.

Instead of letting nature takes its course, you can reverse the effects of aging by following a few simple senior health tips and making healthier choices each day. So whether you’re switching your recliner for the treadmill or your brownie for a banana, you can quickly regain the energy you need to truly enjoy your retirement years!

Healthy living tips for seniors

When your body is tired, and your joints are sore, finding the drive to be active is easier said than done. However, even the smallest steps can have the biggest impact on your overall well-being. To begin your personal senior wellness program, start with just one of the following health tips for elderly individuals and work your way up from there!

Six Chair Exercises For Seniors

Seniors with mobility issues or unexpected injuries can still be as active as ever before – even from the comfort of home! By adding 10 minute chair exercises to your day, you can build muscle, strengthen your core and keep your heart healthy. They can even help save your life! According to the World Health Organization, just a few minutes of moderate exercise three times a week can enhance balance and reduce falls, which is the number one fatal injury impacting individuals over age 65. Take advantage of these six simple chair exercises to turn your living room into your own personal gym!

Lower and upper body exercises for seniors

Before starting any workout, it’s important to talk with your healthcare provider or physical therapist first to discuss any issues or limitations. Once you get the go-ahead, start slowly to prevent injury. As you build up your strength, you can begin to increase your reps, add extra resistance and incorporate new exercises into the mix.

The Care Continuum: How to Get the Most Amount of Care for the Least Amount of Money!

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Day in the Life of a Home Health Nurse

Learn about a day in the life of a home health nurse in this 3:18 minute video

Patient Rights


Learn about Patient Rights in this 3:40 video

What Is Occupational Therapy?

Learn about what home health is in this 4.5 minute video.

Senior Living: How to Introduce the Idea to Your Loved Ones?

The parent/child relationship endures some uncomfortable conversations over the years. That birds and bee talk you had when you were 13? Yeah, you’re probably still reeling from that one!

But how you frame a talk that can be hard to have makes all the difference for both sides. And at no time is that truer than when you have to introduce the idea of home health care or senior living services to your mom, dad or loved one.

The last thing anyone wants is to feel someone is stealing their independence away. Constructing your senior living talk around your parent’s unique personality, needs and relationship with you can help them see this change as a positive – now they can finally have more time and freedom to do the things they love.

Your Guide To What Home Health Services Are Covered By Medicare

When the senior in your life requires home health services in St. Louis following an injury or illness, their focus should be on getting better, not worrying about how to pay for the care they need. However, for those keeping a close eye on their life savings, it can be all they think about.

The good news? If your loved one is enrolled in Medicare, 100% of approved home skilled nursing and therapy services and 80% of durable medical equipment may be covered. Even if the unexpected affects their physical health in the short-term, it won’t affect their financial health in the long-term.

Personalized Skilled Home Healthcare For St. Louis Seniors

Every St. Louis area senior is special, and every situation is unique. Yet, many skilled home healthcare companies deliver the same level of care across the board, treating the illness or injury instead of the individual. With their help, your loved one can recover from a debilitating condition, but once care is complete, they may experience a setback, or worse, a reinjury or relapse.

The best home care providers in greater St. Louis know overcoming physical and emotional challenges that accompany aging requires crafting a complete, customized care plan that treats the whole person. At Envision Health Partners St. Louis, a team of professionals work together to inform, educate, and empower each and every patient from day one to keep the momentum going long after treatment is over.