The Care Continuum: How to Get the Most Amount of Care for the Least Amount of Money!

Transcription of Video

Good morning, everyone! My name is Nicole Phillips, and I am the CEO of Envision Health Partners. I’m here today to teach you how you can get the most care for the least cost by properly navigating the health care continuum.

One of the most rewarding things about my role at Envision is that I can work with families every day by assisting them in navigating their health insurance so that they can get the most care for the least out-of-pocket cost. The way that we do that at Envision is that we provide services that fall under the category of Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, and then some areas of supportive care.

So, what exactly is the Healthcare Continuum? The Healthcare Continuum is your guide to using your Medicare benefits in the correct order. It starts by using your Medicare Part A benefit and then moves you to Medicare Part B. It’s as simple as your ABCs!

First, let’s talk about your Medicare Part A benefit! You will use Medicare Part A when you have a significant change in your health status and require a higher level of supportive care services. This care can be accessed in the hospital, during an acute rehab stay, during a home health episode, and Medicare Part A is also used for hospice services. The change in status is significant enough that you would need a care team working together for your health and healing. It includes skilled nursing, a home health aide, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and a medical social worker. Most importantly, your Medicare Part A benefit is often covered 100% by your health insurance plan.

Now let’s talk about your Medicare Part B benefit! You access this part of your benefit in your everyday health plan. Which includes your physician's office visits, outpatient procedures, outpatient therapy, and any area of diagnostic testing. Under Medicare Part B you pay a 20% co-pay and Medicare covers 80% of the cost.

So why is this important to you? It is important because we care about your ability to get the most care for the least cost. The best way to do that is by properly navigating the Care Continuum and using your Medicare Part A benefit first, where you get the most services, covered 100%.